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The Box is an integrated communications agency. A bit simplistic, isn’t it?
In our box of creativity there is much more than that. We have all the tools necessary to create or strengthen the brand-equity, the value of the brand. In addition, all our efforts to make communication a real driving force for business development. Hence our slogan: Brand vision at work. We delight in ability tests: whether it be small-scale projects to be built in economics or great challenges that seem impossible to achieve, for us it makes no difference. We believe in contamination as a constant stimulus for innovation: in many projects we have involved very different sectors to each other, for a unique and unconventional experience. We help companies understand the road to take, what are the best solutions and accompany them on the way. Each project requires specific know-how, which is why our agency has flexible and dynamic organization in order to cope with every job with a “tailor-made” team.

The Cleverness of communication


Establishing connections, links, ties
Communicate intelligently means increasing, clarify, improve our relationships
with who influences our present and our future


It takes all kinds to make a world.

Each project is moving in one own scenario and structured, with rules, languages ​​and well- defined characteristics. The Box cultivates the culture of specificity to provide adequate and functional responses, even in competitive environments and industrial complexes (tourism, wine and food, consumer goods) and international environment.
What can give us the customer? New challenges, new worlds to know


Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
Albert Einstein

We strongly believe that fully understanding the changing reality in which we live is a categorical imperative to make the act of always communicate clearly and incisively. The curious spirit that distinguishes our team is the key to interpreting the times and, when possible, get ahead of them.
What can we offer the customer? The ability to imagine bold dreams and all the tools to achieve them.


It always seems impossible, until it’s done.
Nelson Mandela

Creativity , ability to think big , knowledge of contexts , preparation . All elements needed to build a good project . But to be successful it takes more . Our case histories tell that nothing is ” out of range ” when the strategy is designed with intelligence .
What can we do together ? We are here to find out.


In 1000 perspectives… plus 3:

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We always have clear the context in which we move because during our path we have acquired expertise in B2C, B2B and B2G.



Our partnership system allows us to benefit, for each discipline, the best knowledge to offer a modular service and articulate, calibrated on the needs and the present time and the future aspirations.



The Box è partner di, una delle prime agenzie in Italia ad essere certificata ISO 9001 per il coordinamento delle attività di marketing e comunicazione.